Thursday, October 22, 2015

In 100 Days I...

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Hello friends! The chick is back! Many of you know I started a "Be Happy" challenge a few months back to shake my twenty-something ass's funk. I was feeling a little less than fabulous so I decided to challenge myself to find the happiness in my daily life for 100 days straight. The idea was to be more present and to find something in each day that put a smile on my face, made me laugh, or, simply, made me happy. Some examples one might consider are: a good cup of coffee, when your ipod spits out that perfect oldie but goodie tune, or.....this:
I mean who am I to judge what sets your soul (and other things) on fire. A lot happened to me over 100 days and in the interest of keeping you awake and my manicure fresh and chip-free, I will only list 50 things that occurred. You'll forgive me for the title of this post, but 100 just sounds way catchier! And I got you here, didn't I? So here we go!

In 100 50 Days I...:

1) Got my Mental Health Counseling License! So it is, Mrs. Scott Eastwood, LMHC to you!
2) Quit my job.
3) Attended two weddings (congratulations to the Parkhurst's and the Christian's!)
4) Was a bridesmaid.
5) Went on 4 trips. (California, Chicago, Cape Cod, Florida. The ones to the mall notwithstanding).
(From my insty!)
6) Visited a state I never had! (Illinois)
7) Travelled to 5 states.
8) Flew 6 times.
9) Read 25 books.
10) Tried In-N-Out burger for the first time!
11) Ate deep dish pizza for the first time.
12) Ate my first lobster role (No calories were spared in the undertaking of this challenge).
13) Went to the top of the Willis (Sears) tower.
14) Hiked on a mountain top.
15) Saw the Hollywood sign (Note: I did not look to my right to see it).
16) Saw a broadway show.
17) Joined a fantasy football league.
18) Got one flat tire.
19) Cashed in one damsel in distress card. (See above).
20) Cried one time.
21) Smiled approximately 500 times.
22) Celebrated 5 family birthdays (none of which were mine. I thought that was rude. It's never too early to celebrate a February birthday).
23) And one 37th wedding anniversary.
24) Turned a half a year older.
25) Travelled on 4 boats.
26) Saw two celebrities. (THE Richard Castle AKA Nathan Fillion and the bitchy sidekick from 13 Going on 30 and literally every rom-com ever made. Also answers to Judy Greer).
27) Participated in one beer olympics.
28) Was hungover twice.
29)  Regretted it 10 times.
30) Was in 3 different time zones.
31) Ate at two celebrity restaurants.
32) Got two piercings.
33) Got invisalign. (Still got glasses, still got braces, still no boyfriend. My middle school self is SO disappointed in us right now and is probably rolling her eyes over her venti mocha frappuccino).
34) Attended one concert.
35) Got a job offer! (Technically I had gone on the interview within the 100 days and accepted the job after the 100 days but sue me, I gots me a job!!)
36) Binge watched one t.v. show.
37) Almost joined the air force. (Staff Sergeant Stanton never returned my phone call).
38) Started acupuncture.
39) Had approximately one crush on a guy.
40) Got over approximately one crush on a guy.
41) Got one massage.
42) Was asked (then propositioned) by a not unattractive Black man at a bar if I had "Ever been with a brotha?"
43) Turned down the chance to be with a brotha. Today anyway.
44) Went on one family hike (awwwwwwwww).
45) Attended two charity events (I'm very giving).
46) Rode one very phallic looking pool float.
47) Drank about 300 hundred cups of coffee.
48) Felt lost, angry, frustrated, and confused.
49) Feel found, happy, encouraged, and have clarity.
50) Realized how damn lucky and grateful I am. And how happy that makes me every single day.

I was by no means happy all day, every day. But a lot can happen in 100 days and a lot you can MAKE happen. Happiness, like most rewarding things, takes effort. And boy am I glad I put in the effort. I hope you chase your own happiness whatever that means for you.

You are beautiful.

And some more photographs from my adventures: