Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Part 2: New Year Promises

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This will probably be the most rushed blogpost I will ever write because I am racing against time trying to make it to the...wait for it...GYM. Yeah, you read that right, the chubby girl joins a gym! Am I not the biggest walking new year's cliché ever? I also want world peace and I think uniforms are equalizers. (Can you spot the movie references?) I bring you part two of my new year blogposts including my resolutions and aspirations for the new year and the new (and improved) me!

Here's the thing...

I want to do more...exercising.
I want to do spending.
I want to be more...balanced.
I want to be less...impatient.
I was....lazy.
I am...determined.
I am not...satisfied.
I kinder.
I cannot...keep being so hungover.
I will....make my health a top priority.
I will so hard on myself, particularly when it comes to body image.
I learned...I am more resilient than I thought.
I still want to to do my taxes, how to become a better counselor, how to drive a stick shift, all the US presidents in order, and who the hell January Jones' baby daddy is (I STILL CAN'T LET IT GO.)
I was happiest when...I was around my friends and family. And anytime I was sucking down an iced coffee.
I was unhappiest when...I was overly critical of myself, looks, weight etc. And when Clooney put a ring on it.
I slow down and stop worrying about the future.
I do not need...toxic people in my life. 
I family, friends, and loved ones health, happiness and success in the new year!
I do not wish...ill will towards anyone.
I resolve to...
1) Strive for balance in all areas of my life (career, relationships, health)
2) Continue writing (two posts within a week ain't half bad!)
3) Never stop doing things and finding ways to make me happy. 
4) Try new things, have new experiences, and take more risks.
5) Be kinder.
6) Be more patient.

I resolve not to...go radio silent on you guys! 

Thanks for sticking with me this past year and the two before that! 
As always, you are beautiful.