Monday, April 7, 2014

Life Lately: Some March Musings

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Oh hey there friends! I was considering writing and putting up this blogpost on Sunday, but then I remembered that Game of Thrones premiered last night and I don't have the audacity to compete with that shit. So what's new guys?  Since I last blogged seasons have changed, March Madness has come and gone (almost), Ted Mosby actually finished telling his kids the story of how he met their mother, and Michelle Duggar has been pregnant like 5 more times.  Please accept my sincerest apologies for not having blogged in a month; in short...

"I am ashamed".

Allow me to take this opportunity to catch up with you. 

In the past month I have:

1) Passed my Clinical Mental Health Counselor Examination! I could drag this story out longer than, while we're on the subject, the Game of Thrones opening credits, but alas, in the interest of time and general lack of caring, I will shorten it: I got the green light to take the test on a Monday, the last day to take the test before it changed forever was Friday. I registered Monday, took it that Friday, passed it that afternoon and then passed out drunk in celebration that night. Only kidding, I passed out at 7 pm. Why do we care about this? Because now only 2500 hours stand in the way of my becoming an official Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor! Pretty. Damn. Cool.

2) Been dragged out of a bar by my caring and far more sober older sister. I celebrated RVC Irish Day for the first time a few weeks ago, and now I know why it was the first and only time I've participated. For some reason I think I can drink like I am a) a dude b) still in college and c) Irish, none of which are even close to being true.  So what happens when you try to drink as though you are all of the above? Answer: You get dragged, literally, out of a bar by your older sister before you embarrass yourself her any further. It honestly wasn't as debaucherous as all that. But then again, what do I know? I can't really remember the night. I DO, however, remember an impromptu Loyola University reunion when hordes of my undergraduate alums serendipitously showed up at the bar! That was stellar and the beginning of the end for me that day.

The Before:

Anddd the after:

3) Attended my first ever work happy hour. Not exactly breaking news, but I'm a novice to the working world so this was particularly exciting for me. I'm beginning to think I need more excitement in my life and oh my god I just realized every single thing I have updated you on thus far has involved drinking; I swear I'm not a lush. 

4) Fallen in love.

5) Experienced one of the greatest cinematic adventures of all time. Frozen, duh. 

6) Stretched the legs and logged a few outdoor runs. Okay one, one outdoor run. And it was more of a jog than a run. A run/walk, it was a run/walk dammit! God, you guys see right through me. But it still felt great to breathe fresh air...right before the burning sensation in my lungs took up residence.

7) Have continued to uphold my Lent pledge and both run/walk a mile a day and abstain from junk food. Except on Sundays. Ugh sue me, I'm not even a practicing Catholic. And in my defense I am still doing my mile every day including Sundays. I got a friendly competition going with Dad and I'm just waiting for him to crack!


8) Have continued my journey of striving to find a little bit of happiness in each day. I am currently on Day 44 of my 100 Happy Days pledge and despite some ups and downs over the past month, am continuing to strive to find a little bit of happiness in each day. I've noticed that having to post a picture each day is holding me accountable, and has made me more aware of being happy.  It has also made me feel significantly warm, fuzzy and Brady Bunch-like to hear on several occasions that  others are keeping up with and looking forward to viewing my "happy posts" just as much as I am.

Some other things that have made me happy lately: The construction worker who helped guide me while I was reverse parking the other day, and then stood in my seriously clutch parking spot to save it for me while I was maneuvering my car. I completely forgot to snap a photo of him afterwards for my 100happydays, but I did thank him profusely for his assistance, to which he replied: "You owe me a cup of coffee." I've been looking out for him to pay up but haven't seen him since.

And the fact that you guys are still reading my amateur words and not only that, are coming up to me and actually thanking and complimenting me for it. Several times in the past month someone has come up to me and thanked me for writing, or said, "You get it, you know what it feels like to carry around these insecurities", or "I read your blog and love it, you're a great writer"; those comments, to me, are the biggest compliments I could ever hope to receive. So THANK YOU for continuing to check out my silly, at times obnoxious, commentary. 

I also stumbled upon these two links that I LOVED, check out: 

That's pretty much a wrap, as you can tell not much has changed in the life of this 25 year old (eek!) in the past month. One important thought I did have though was this:

Take Away Message: Your life can literally change in a day, an hour, a minute. 

Monday night at 5:29 pm on 3/10 I was just figuring out the fastest way to get into my sweatpants and out of my work pants without taking off my shoes. And then at 5:30 pm, with one email from the Mental Health Counseling testing board, the entire trajectory of my year changed. I thought I would be spending the majority of my Summer studying to take an exam sometime in the Fall; one email changed all of that. Though this is a small and seemingly minute example, the course of my month, year, and life changed in some way. Kind of makes you think what other changes could be right around the corner, no?

It was brilliant catching up with all of you (I desperately want to be able to pull off saying that), and I shall try and not wait an entire month before we do it again! Until next time,

You are beautiful.

And here are some photos of my latest happy days:

Day 15: My sanctuary.

Day 16: Breakfast served by my personal chef, Dad.

Day 17: Windows down and sunshine.

Day 18: The sun also rises. (this baby was no filter)

Day 19: Boozy brunch shenanigans. 

Day 20: Passin' mah clinical boards.

Day 21: NYC Irish Day.

Day 22: Sunday family dinner in Astoria.

Day 23: An unexpected gift.

Day 24: Surprise bagel breakfast at work to celebrate passing the exam!

Day 25: Sister speak.

Day 26: Zuckerberg swings by the office.

Day 27: Iced coffee season begins.

Day 28: Loyola reunion on RVC Irish Day!

Day 29: Hide & go seek with Baby V.

Day 30: Waffle & nutella. (Nutella was not part of my "Lent list.")

Day 31: Sushi lunch date.

Day 32: Dinner date with Hofstra friends!

Day 33: Spain reflections.

Day 34: Baby's first work happy hour! 

(These were not all mine)

Day 35: Rainy day run.

Day 36: Kara's bday breakfast!

Day 37: Spring snowflakes.

Day 38: And one day warming...

Day 39: April showers bring May branches.

Day 40: The happiest day of my entire life.

Day 41: The latest Disney masterpiece.

Day 42: Outdoor family stroll.

My cousin Mike is the King of the World:

Day 43: Cousins at Baby Girl Agostinacchio's baby shower!

And today, Day 44: Bright and beautiful.